Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mini Cupcakes

Its mini cupcakes, back on my cupcakes menu, 24 mini cupcakes / 2 dozens for minimun order..

Sunday, 21 October 2012


For those who's been asking about the price...

Just friendly reminder, if you send me email or quotes regarding you cake order, and you no longer need it or cancel your order, please please let me know. Iam more than happy if you tell me that, I appreciate it. Also without being rude, I take my time to reply all your qoutes, research the designs, etc. but noone appreciate it and if they dont want order anymore they never call me back. Thts wasting my time and rude.. Pls appreciate it and dont under value my time.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bubble Guppies Cake

Hand-cut fondant for all the Guppies character and buttercream icing. Its chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling..

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Power Rangers Birthday Cake

Eggless chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, and vanilla buttercream with hand cut fondant for Red Ranger.. :)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

"How much ??"


To all my customers to-be, I re-post this due to all enquiries I've got recently and they never seemed happy about the price.
Actually I didnt charge people with over priced, but reasonable. However, I can't make the cheap price if you need more than 30 serves and you expect you will get the cake under $100. Basically this is how I charge my cake, please read the information below from "Cakes by Cassie" in Sydney, but of course, my price is still lower than the others. I will tell you something from this stage, if you'd like to order custom cakes and its home based business, they never cheap, they are doing it carefully, made from scratch, no preservatives not like the supermakets do, also its a work - art, how long they have to decorate the cakes, how long to bake, how about the power, we have to go to the shop to get the ingredients, and the improtant thing, we don't grow the ingredients on the tree. It takes for ages to decorate 1 cake. People don't understand about this. Well, there should be cheaper cake from somewhere else, but you will get what you will pay for.. I always do my cakes carefully, scale it, carve it, torte, etc.. No preservatives, fresh ingredients.
I will give you some example, if you go to the shop for a cup of coffee at the bakery and buy some slice of cake, say mud cake, without any decorations on it, plain cake, and you are agree and happy to pay $6 per slice, now when you order the cake for your special day and need for 30 serves, if you calculate it with the cake you've got from coffee shop / bakery, how much you have to pay for your special day? It costs $180!!! Now, people will think twice about this, generally I dont charge people for $180 for 30 serves, it is only simple decorations and plain!!
And the point is, people never think that everytime they send me a quote, I will take my time to reply, do searching and designing for their cake to-be and calculate everything. But then as soon as I send them the price list even I have so many cheapest options, they never come back.. That wasted my time!! That is why, custom cakes are never cheap. We are not like supermarket that made from whole packadge ingredients.
Please read the informations below, this is how I charge my cakes so far.. :)
Have a good day!!