Thursday, 29 March 2012

Birthday cakes ..

This is " Fish Birthday Cakes " I made for my nephew, its buttercakes, about 10" with buttercream frosting and lollies.
Its " Heart Shape", with devil chocolate cake covered with fondant.

Number 2 shape birthday cake, i made this for my son's birthday, buttercake with vanilla buttercream.

Its "Photo Frame" birthday cake, buttercake and chocolate cake sandwiched them together covered with lollies, about 8" size.
There are more cakes....

This is " Astro Boy Birthday Cake ", its chocolate cake, with buttercream decoration. Its simple cake.

These are medium cupcakes with rainbow cake ( sorry, i didnt show the cake, i've got no pictures.. :( .. ), and buttercream frosting.

This is an occasion cake, i made this for Christmas Day, its "Black Forest Cheesecake "

These are mini cupcakes with "Afternoon Tea " theme, chocolate buttermilk with fondant decorations.

 This is my profile picture, I made this for my father in-law's birthday, its sponge cakes, 2 layers, sandwiched them with ganache cream, and decorated with white chocolate ganache & truffles on top

 This is red velvet cake covered with fondant, its about 8" size, and only 1 layer cake.

 I made this cupcakes for Easter for my son's school event but it was not for sale. The cake is chocolate buttermilk and its mini cupcakes.
 This is a special cakes I made for my mother in-law's birthday, its red velvet cake, with vanilla buttercream frosting, i called this cake " Rossette Basket ".

This mini cupcakes i made for my friend's son's birthday, its vanilla cupcakes, with rainbow buttercream

 This " Handbag Birthday Cake " for my daughter's birthday, its buttercake and chocolate cake, sandwiched them together with 2 layers, and buttercream frosting. This is mini cupcakes bouquete, with 12 mini cupcakes inside, vanilla cupcakes with chrysanthemum decorations.
 This "Numbers Birthday Cake" is for my son's birthday, its chocolate mud cake for 1 layer, about 10" size, with fondant decorations.

 This was my first order, " Butterfly Birthday Cakes ", its chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

I made this mini cupcakes for Morning Tea, its chocolate buttermilk with fondant decorations, and its fashion theme ( dress, ring, handbag, watch, hat, boots, bikini, sunnies, necklace .